Triton BioSystems, Inc. (TBS), of Chelmsford Massachusetts, is focused on the development of non-invasive targeted therapeutics that use heat to treat cancer. The Company has leveraged its experience with magnetic nanomaterials and magnetic field energy, to make antibodies tumoricidal and more therapeutically selective, without the side effects of conventional therapies. TBS is developing a revolutionary targeted anticancer therapy that uses localized lethal heat to treat late-stage cancers such as breast, lung, ovarian and prostate cancers. The Company’s product is referred to as the Targeted Nano-Therapeutics™ (TNT™) System.

Toxic side effects have been a major obstacle in the development of therapeutic antibodies
for cancer. Cross-reactivity (non-specific binding) of antibodies with healthy tissues is
common and can cause substantial side effects especially if the antibody is conjugated
(linked) with toxins or radioisotopes.

The T-probes of the TNT™ system are not linked to toxins or radioisotopes. Their payload,
the nano-scale magnetic particles remain silent until selectively activated in the treatment
zone by the application of a focused magnetic field. Any T-probes attached to non-cancer
tissues will remain silent unless they are within the radius of the focused magnetic field
(treatment zone). To further support this unique product benefit, TBS is selecting antibodies
that are less cross-reactive and unlikely to bind to non-cancer tissues. The T-probes are
eventually broken down and excreted from the body over a period of days. The TNT™
system will therefore provide an unprecedented level of selectivity of the treatment zone,
minimizing collateral damage to healthy tissues throughout the body.

The Company is in its pre-clinical stage and expects to begin human clinical trials in 2005.